The Pester Pipeline

June 21, 2016
powershell pester

A couple of months ago I published a module to help reduce the amount of code you had to write to build infrastructure validation tests with Pester. Since then, I’ve tried to understand more about how people use Pester. Specifically, how they work with the framework to solve their problems. When you start to look around, the community effort to “Pester all the things” is much larger that I would have guessed.

So, I’ve started a list of projects that build on Pester.

Operation Validation Framework

OVF prescribes a way of organizing tests to promote sharing and reuse.


Plaster is a template-based file and project generator written in PowerShell.


Watchmen is a DSL for executing infrastructure test in Pester with a bunch of helpful functionality.


Poshspec is a collection of functions that test common infrastructure components.

Repository for generic tests

This is a discussion in Github Issues for the Pester project around creating a common repository for reusable Pester tests.


Remotely is a module to aid in the remote execution of scripts with the intention of testing components remotely.


Format-Pester uses PSCribo to produce document reports or Pester output in several formats.

Standing On Shoulders

The fantastic effect of all of these projects building on Pester is that they work together to make something larger. You can create new test files from a Plaster template, build tests using Poshspec, package them with OFV and run them with Watchmen.

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