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May 29, 2015
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AKA: When a new blog post turns into yak shaving.

I’ve seen some questions online about PowerShell Remoting across different domains. It’s not a topic that’s well covered but there is some content available. I wanted to put up a quick post to help people find that content. Well, I’ve replaced my laptop since my last blog post and this one isn’t set up with the Ruby libraries necessary to work with Octopress.

So, I’m making a switch away from Octopress and giving Hugo a try. Octopress went a long time without any updates and it was starting to feel a bit stale—of course, my blog is a bit stale anyway. They are in the process of a major release which is still based on Ruby. I have nothing against Ruby, but I went looking for something binary so I don’t have the run-time dependency. I’ve mentioned StaticGen before and so I went there to see what’s popular. I started with filtering on Go because it’s building in popularity for multi-platform projects and it compiles to an executable. No package managers required to handle a number of dependencies of which, no doubt, one won’t work on Windows without some hacking.

I’m working to migrate the content so some links might not work at the time this post went live.

The other benefit of this migration is I’m moving the source from my Dropbox account to Github. I’ve also started using Code as my editor which handles working with the mixed content (markdown, html, css) extremely well and it has first-class support for Git built in.

The downside is, I haven’t yet written that post about cross-domain remoting. That’s next. After I shave this yak.

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