Messing with Photos in PowerShell

May 27, 2014
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In continuing with the habit of building wrappers around .Net libraries mentioned on Scott Hanselman’s blog, I have written a module around James M South’s ImageProcessor.

Here’s an example.

Get-PIPImage -Path C:\Pictures\DSC06199.JPG | 
    Set-PIPImageSize -Width 500 -Height 500 -MaintainAspect | 
    Add-PIPFilter -Filter lomograph | 
    Add-PIPRoundedCorners | 
    Set-PIPImageFormat -Format Png | 
    Save-PIPImage -Path c:\temp\whisky.png

And here is the result.


No need to show the original, but it was a 16MP Jpeg straight from the camera.

The project is on GitHub as usual. There is still some work to do, but it’s a quick easy way to prep some photos for sharing.

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