Command line tools

The good folks over a Royal Pingdom posted an article today entitled “Powerful command line tools for network administrators.” Of course, by network administrator, they mean Linux admin. Here’s my version for you Windows admins. I guess you could call it “PowerShell command line tools for network administrators.”

Tools: NSSM

Powershell Desired State Configuration

Lights Cross Processed by Tarnished_Plastic, on Flickr

Yesterday, Microsoft revealed a new feature of Powershell v4 that is included in Server 2012 R2—Powershell Desired State Configuration. At first glance this looks to compete directly with Chef and Puppet, but during the presentation, OpsCode actually stepped in to present how they’ve already adopted the new technology into Chef. If you already use Chef and are familiar with the Ruby based DSL, you can continue to use it. System Center 2012 R2 is also built on top of this framework. It is the new way of thinking for Windows system configuration automation.

Here is an example configuration script. It only scratches the surface of the capabilities demoed by Kenneth Hansen and Jeffrey Snover at TechEd.

Software Deployments with psake on Windows

I’m working on the finishing touches of a Deployment Automation script useing psake (pronounced like sake—the Japanese rice wine) as the framework for creating discreet jobs and enforcing dependencies.