So You Want To Build A Golang App

Well, maybe you don’t and you want to know why the hell I would. I’ve been building PowerShell tools for about 10 years and I’m pretty good at it. PowerShell is even available on Linux now. So, why Go? It’s freaking everywhere. Here are some of the FOSS tools I’ve been working with that are built on Go. GitLab CI Runner Telegraf Packer Terraform Kubernetes A lot of these tools have a lot of open issues around the Windows build and I can’t contribute if I don’t understand Go and the community is huge.

Bringing The Community Forward

An unhealthy obsession with numbers I like to watch numbers move which might have some relationship to being a successful operator of complex systems. Unfortunately it extends outside of looking for pattern in streams of monitoring data and I can get a bit obsessed watching Google Analytics for my blog or the download count for PoshSpec. I have been keeping an eye on PoshSpec numbers in the Statistics page of the Gallery just hoping to crack the top 50.