Blog Refresh

AKA: When a new blog post turns into yak shaving. I’ve seen some questions online about PowerShell Remoting across different domains. It’s not a topic that’s well covered but there is some content available. I wanted to put up a quick post to help people find that content. Well, I’ve replaced my laptop since my last blog post and this one isn’t set up with the Ruby libraries necessary to work with Octopress.

Tools: PowerShell Providers & Website Creation

I found two great tools yesterday. Actually, that’s an grossly inaccurate statement. One of the tools I learned about at the PowerShell Summit earlier this year, but was just finally published to GitHub. The second tool isn’t really a tool, but a site indexing a bunch of tools, or frameworks, for generating static websites.

One Year

American Visitors I happened to look through all of the previous posts today and found that 2/25/2013 was my first. So, that makes a year and by no conscious effort, 52 posts—one a week on average. The site receives about 500 visits a month from over 40 countries. The most popular post, by far, has been get-storedcredentials-module.